Great ideas for programs and networking

Cooking Demonstration.

Cooking Demonstration/Networking Activity - Denver, CO

Developing and producing a special event is a dynamic process, things change and it takes a team of creative professionals to stay nimble, adapt and provide effective solutions.

Every great event starts with a plan, shaped by compelling ideas, relevant information and networking programs. Each event and venue brings new challenges for us to find effective ways to plan, execute and deliver. That takes a special kind of creativity – the type that draws on robust travel and event expertise, plus the ability to make intelligent suggestions that are appropriate for your industry.

Our goal is to deliver everything in top-drawer fashion in an impressive venue. Our experience allows us to add tremendous value to every aspect of your event including guidance about balancing general sessions, workshops, guest speakers, award ceremonies, social gatherings, activities and business networking and special sessions or receptions.

Of course, we make it all happen cost-effectively, even as things flex and change throughout the planning process. MER is always cost conscience and looks for ways to maximize every dollar spent on the event.

Our clients return year-over-year amazed that we are able to continually raise the bar higher and elevate the quality of their event each year. The long lasting impression left on attendees after a fantastic event is the ultimate goal of our efforts.